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Caspar Klein is a musician who likes to tell stories. Growing up in a creative hippie environment, he spent his early years often in southern Europe on the back seat of his parent’s big colorful bus. This resulted in a great passion for travel, which brought him to many different countries and in 2008 finally to Berlin.

Here he founded various projects as a pianist and composer, such as the band ‚Love ain’t just Yesterday‘ with the actress and singer Susanne Bredehöft and hosted different jam sessions. Then, just before Christmas 2018, a wave of inspiration suddenly grabbed him and he composed several English speaking songs within a few days. Following his first gig as solo musician in 2019, he started to perform regularly.

In his poetic lyrics, he processes personal experiences about love, death, friendship or anonymous city life. At his concerts Caspar Klein tells the background stories to his songs and in this way, creates a very intimate atmosphere for his audience. He sometimes breaks up his naive-tender singing with rap.

In 2022 he produced and released his debut music video „Running For You“.